Strength, quality, and high performance paper packaging solutions


All of the papers produced at both the Canadian Kraft Paper and Canfor mills utilize 100 % virgin fiber from Canada’s northern forests. This slow growing virgin fiber provides tremendous strength characteristics for our papers – the best available in North America.

These high performance extensible papers are sold to converters throughout the world for various demanding applications. Unbleached and Bleached extensible papers are used for building materials and food applications; while Bleached Specialty Papers are used for high quality print bag applications.

Multiwall Sack Products


Canada’s northern forests produce some of the finest trees and fiber available for pulp and paper. The ideal climate encourages slow growth of white and black spruce, lodge pole pine, jack pine and alpine fir. These trees produce cellulose fibers that are long, slender, flexible and strong – providing an excellent furnish for Kraft paper production. Both Canadian Kraft Paper and Canfor mills utilize virgin fiber from these sources. The readily collapsible thin cell walls of fibers form ribbons with an exceptional surface area – promoting optimum fiber to fiber bonding for superior strength and excellent printability.

Refining Process:

The combination of superb northern fiber, sophisticated pulping, high consistency refining and extensibility produces an exceptionally strong and uniform sheet of paper.

Fibres Before and After RefiningThe Canadian Kraft Paper mill uses low and high consistency refiners, with a Flakt dryer and extensible blanket to produce one of the best extensible papers in the world.

The Canfor mill uses low and high consistency refiners with a calendar stack and extensible roll to produce the strongest bleached paper available in North America.

Sack Kraft Paper Grades: