Strength, quality, and high performance paper packaging solutions


  [wptabtitle]Polar / Polar X[/wptabtitle]
    [wptabcontent] Bleached extensible, highly porous and permeable with the strength characteristics of Polar for fast fill cement bags [/wptabcontent]
  [wptabtitle]PolAIR Solo Ply[/wptabtitle]
    [wptabcontent] Bleached extensible porous paper  that  provides the performance results, yield savings and cost reduction opportunities [/wptabcontent]
 [wptabtitle]Bleached Tape & Laminating (BTLC)[/wptabtitle]
    [wptabcontent] Bleached converting kraft paper; calendered to provide smooth surface for excellent printability [/wptabcontent]
 [wptabtitle]Kodiak / Kodiak X (Natural Kraft)[/wptabtitle]
    [wptabcontent] Unbleached high performance extensible kraft paper [/wptabcontent]