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RyanD Many Thanks for responding. We had initially look over your remark since the “Everyone is bi”-line.

RyanD Many Thanks for responding. We had initially look over your remark since the “Everyone is bi”-line.

Thank you for making clear.

These are fluidity, going by sparse information we have actually, i usually thought fluidity being in a few individuals. I do believe it absolutely was certainly one of conclusions to an APA research of sex that We might have read down Wikipedia (there goes my cred) visit the link.

You mean people experiencing new-found attraction to people they hadn’t found attractive or that their sexual identities went up and down the sexuality spectrum when you speak of fluidity do? I usually pictured it being a bi person experiencing brand brand new admiration for the next set of individuals.

Very first time commenter here, therefore many thanks for maybe perhaps perhaps not using us to task. ??


@grero: i am aware everything you suggest. I am talking about, there has been entire communities where bisexuality was the norm and occurred for many associated with the populace so just why will it be a surprise that the people hasn’t changed all of that much since that time? How come we pretend that folks generally speaking aren’t and do not have been with the capacity of intimate fluidity and/or bisexuality (instance: dozens of people asking “was shakespeare homosexual” instead of “was Shakespeare bisexual”)?

@Captain Obvious: “Everyone is certainly not bisexual, stop pressing this moronic concept. ”

———- They aren’t stating that after all. They’re wanting to convince on their own, and us, that right guys are typical intimately fluid, but still “straight”. This short article truly ended up beingn’t about homosexual males secretly fapping to porn that is lesbian nevertheless being homosexual, as it does not play in to the fantasy/fetish some have around here.


@RyanD: More the latter, IMHO, just because a attraction that is newfound a sex you hadn’t discovered attractive prior to could be predicated on feelings and emotions, with sexual attraction following after.

In order that’s more difficult and less sexually-based than just “I happened to be mostly interested in A a years that are few, and from now on I’m mostly attracted to Z. ”


Oh, we see. Humans are such creatures that are terribly fascinating aren’t they?


In the event that you don’t mind me personally asking, exactly what would you identify since? If it is personal, no nagging issue at all.

@yynotnnh: talk yourself.


We went along to Catholic Boys Academy for 12 years so we all took Latin and also the past reputation for the Roman Empire. From that true point I’ve never ever stopped reading about this. You’re likely right in regards to the very first 20 emperors. Claudius didn’t have male lovers and I don’t think Marcus Aurelius did either. I’m sure whenever Augustus became emperor at 19 along with three catamites (2 slaves and another freeborn) who all became freemen plus some of his most trusted buddies and administrators associated with kingdom. Also the story of Hadrian and Antinous needs to be produced right into a homosexual love film

Many Thanks. MMDD’s remark had been simply occurred to end up being the very very very first in line for the typical reactions we have from homosexual guys once I explain my intimate Identity. We don’t keep in mind a straight male or female ever saying one thing therefore absurd as, ““……. Bisexuality is difficult for folks to understand…” blah blah blah. Just tell the facts, and who knows – you may really teach some individuals. ” Gay dudes pop that attitude about 50% of that time.

I did so inform the facts in hopes of educating individuals with my comment that is original but seemingly have been squandered on him.

However the kicker were the snarky sarcastic terms, ““Labels are too restricting…”I don’t like labels…” “Labels are bad…” “Labels are outdated…” we needed to laugh about that… up to the seventeenth century the only FOUR LABELS when it comes to elements had been planet, wind, fire and water… penguins and seals were labeled seafood and bats had been labeled wild birds.

The causes we simplify things and say I’m homosexual #1. In order to avoid conversations that are tedious explanations number 2. Away from total respect for my guy and our relationship. I’m maybe perhaps not likely to have easy minded acquaintances making fun of him if you are by having a man… that is bisexual individuals like MMDD will always fast to achieve that.


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